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Dolores saw a series of doctors before being referred to a psychiatrist who said she needed a career break "right away".
Her mother Eileen O'Riordan told the leader: "We want to thank all the people of Limerick who have remembered Dolores this week.
Robert Ford back, even though he was killed by Dolores during the Season 1 finale.
Lynn said: "In the past, English speaking characters have been bit parts in Pobol y Cwm and so Dolores is quite different to previous characters.
Nos resulta muy dificil aceptar que la sonrisa de Dolores no vaya acompanarnos cuando entremos cada manana en el laboratorio.
When Dolores co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar in 1962, she was a divorced, single mom of seven.
It was just close family that night, with the final act being Dolores singing "It's Only a Paper Moon" - your song since the day you two met and fell in love in 1933.
El final de la cinta es melodramatico, Dolores descubre que esta embarazada, acepta definitivamente a Damian quien se ha venido a vivir con ella, pero Dolores muere de cancer de matriz.
The company president and chief executive officer, Mark Bailey, has said, 'Despite the delay of the first gold and silver pour due to the illegal blockade, the commissioning at Dolores is progressing well with construction and operating costs consistent with those reported in the Company's February 14, 2008, economic forecast and reserve update.
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He wrote Twilight for the singer and said: "I wrote a song for Dolores.