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The public official charged with the duty of making and maintaining public records.

Common examples are the registrars of voters and deeds.

See: accountant, clerk, comptroller, notary public


an official in charge of keeping a register.
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com became the largest domain name registrar worldwide in terms of domains under management.
We plan to leverage our large aftermarket inventory to secure additional domain name registrar partners before Verisign's competing SMP service comes online," said Roger Collins, president of ProProject, Inc.
one of the largest privately held Application Service Providers (ASP) offering a full range of Web hosting services and e-commerce solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, announced today it has become an international domain name registrar.
Domain Name Registrar Offers Transfers at 30% Discount -
com), (Pink Sheets:DTVI), an Internet and Telecommunications Company and the authorized global domain name registrar (www.