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Hulten (1978) showed that in this framework the log change in aggregate TFP defined as an outward shift in the PPF can be calculated as a weighted sum of the log change in TFP of industries using the weights introduced by Domar (1961).
Evsey Domar, "Capital Expansion, Rate of Growth, and Employment," Econometrica 14 (1946), 137-47.
In other words, as Domar pointed out, both the size and composition of debt matter.
By that point, they had acquired some real life skills to deal with their stress," said Domar.
The violated expectations and the sense of failure and loss described by our participants are similar to those reported by heterosexual women (Cousineau & Domar, 2007).
Ao fazer isso, Sudek participa da longa aventura fotografica, que mostra que a natureza, ao se prestar a representacao, obriga a fotografia a especular sobre aquilo que ela e capaz de capturar, de domar, e ao mesmo tempo, sobre a sua propria natureza.
According to Alice Domar, director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health at Harvard Medical School, doing something like pottery, which requires concentration, distracts you from everyday worries by focusing your attention elsewhere.
For example, the iron concentration of a well of 21m deep of Nilphamari district, Thana domar, union Gomnati and mouza Dakshi (Lat 26.
A total of 97 women aged 40 and under took part in the clinical trial, carried out at the Domar Centre in Boston in the US.
Les grands ouvrages de Dumoulin, de Domar et de Pothier ont recu leur couronnement dans le code Napoleon qui est l'expression concise et officielle de leur doctrine.
This equality is maintained in the proposed growth models of Harrod (1939) and Domar (1946), who believes that the investment is the main resource savings.
executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health and director of mind/body services at Boston IVF in Waltham, Mass.