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DOMESDAY, or DOMESDAY-BOOK. An ancient record made in the time of William the Conqueror, and now remaining in the English exchequer, consisting of two volumes of unequal sizes, containing surveys of the lands in England.

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That census was completed by 1086, the Domesday Book was complete and the king had all the information he wanted.
Tory communities spokeswoman Justine Greening slammed ministers for failing to protect vital services, describing the report as like a modern-day Domesday Book - a survey of England for William the Conqueror in 1086.
The Domesday Book is the oldest public record at the archives and was voted England's finest treasure in 2005, the BBC reports.
The Domesday Book, the oldest public record in Britain, has been placed on the Internet by The National Archives, enabling readers to browse the 920-year-old census online.
The authors explore how these variations relate to such things as the distribution of early woodland, as recorded in Domesday Book or indicated in early place names, and conclude that the 'Central Province' corresponds with a zone largely cleared of woodland at an early date.
Will the modem day Domesday Book be lost because nobody preserved the software to run it?
Domesday Book is the most celebrated source in English medieval history not only because it is so very detailed but also because it is remarkably well documented.
The new National Asset Register has priced all of Britain's public possessions - in the first exercise of its kind since the Domesday Book.
The great post-Conquest 'census,' Domesday Book, providing our single greatest repository of social and economic data about the kingdom, demonstrates this, though not without equivocation: Pelteret shows the ambiguity and the nonutiliry of this collection of documents when we are looking for the remnants of true slavery (Domesday's servi were precisely that--slaves).
The company was founded in 1867 at Ponders End Mills in North London, a site on the River Lea that has been milling flour since before the Domesday Book.
The Domesday Survey of 1086 provides high quality and detailed information on the outputs, inputs and tax assessments of most English manors.
HAZLEWOOD has been a landmark in North Yorkshire since the time of the Domesday Book.