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Pertaining to the house or home. A person employed by a household to perform various servient duties. Any household servant, such as a maid or butler. Relating to a place of birth, origin, or domicile.

That which is domestic is related to household uses. A domestic animal is one that is sufficiently tame to live with a family, such as a dog or cat, or one that can be used to contribute to a family's support, such as a cow, chicken, or horse. When something is domesticated, it is converted to domestic use, as in the case of a wild animal that is tamed.

Domestic relations are relationships between various family members, such as a Husband and Wife, that are regulated by Family Law.

A domestic corporation of a particular state is one that has been organized and chartered in that state as opposed to a foreign corporation, which has been incorporated in another state or territory. In tax law, a domestic corporation is one that has originated in any U.S. state or territory.

Domestic products are goods that are manufactured within a particular territory rather than imported from outside that territory.


(Household), adjective belonging to the house, domiciliary, family, home, homemaking, household, housekeeping, internal, pertaining to one's household, perraining to the family, pertaining to the home, relating to the family, relating to the home
Associated concepts: domestic animals, domestic duties, domestic employment, domestic fixtures, domestic purroses, domestic relations, domestic servants, domestic service, domestic status, domestic use


(Indigenous), adjective endemic, home, homemade, local, national, native, native grown, not forrign, not imported
Associated concepts: domestic commerce, domestic corpooation, domestic judgment
See also: internal, local, national, native, residential


slang expression for an incident of violence in the home between a man and a woman.
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Summary: At a time when more and more voices are being raised against the mistreatment of domestic workers in Lebanon, a new association has been formed to defend Lebanese families against allegations of abuse, while rejecting the notion that the housewife is always guilty.
A spokesman for the LMRA, which classifies cooks, drivers, aux pairs, domestic security guards, maids and gardeners as domestic workers, told the GDN that they were now handling 'daily'[euro]oCi applications from expatriates and GCC nationals wanting to legally employ such workers.
The findings identified irregular menstruation, excessive menstrual blood flow, breast cancer, breast cysts, myoma in the pelvic area, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), reproductive tract infections, birth control issues, unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortion as some of the problems that women migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong encountered in the course of their work.
He also said that the strategy contains several procedural steps and a process aims at unifying the procedures of the member states concerning the issue of recruiting domestic workers, in addition to holding collective meetings between the member states and the countries sending the labour.
One of the conditions stated in this document, is that domestic workers receive N$12.
Text of the Convention concerning decent work for domestic workers.
24) The traditional status of the non-slave domestic worker was as a menial servant within the household.
The Asian Domestic Workers Network (ADWN), Tamil Nadu Domestic Worker Union -India, SEWA--Self Employed Women Association-India which organizes women workers in the informal economy in India, representing over one million members nationwide.
According to Indian media, Kuwait is the only Gulf country that has failed to accept a condition set by the Indian government requesting foreign employers to pay $2,500 (Dh9,182) as bank guarantee to hire Indian domestic workers.
Hutomo said the black market charges as high as Dh18,000-20,000 for each person since it has now become difficult to find Indonesian domestic workers.
The calls were made at a Ministry of Interior session entitled 'Cultural CommuA[degrees]nication with Domestic Workers and its Impact on Reducing Crime'.
This includes participation in policy drafting, awareness raising among the domestic workers about policies, the national bill and the placements agencies, workshops for labour department on the policies for domestic workers, demonstrations and rallies, networking, monthly meetings with government officials, monthly meetings with domestic workers, the publication of an information handout, forming groups of domestic workers across the country, quarterly training programs for domestic workers, and the forming of two trade unions

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