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FrieslandCampina Domo offers a spectrum of functional ingredients with benefits in key consumer interest areas, such as digestive health, immune support, calcium absorption and peptides for post-exercise recovery," said Mr.
Based on patent-pending technologies built on GoWare's ground-breaking DoMo Platform, MobileMom makes content sent from a PC accessible through SMS text-messaging (something Moms use their phones for quite a bit) and a mobile browser.
Nestled in a strip mall in north Eugene, Sushi Domo is like the unexpected addition of avocado to any roll - flawless.
Contact Borculo Domo on tel: +31 3846 77417 or visit: www.
The Major Domo is somewhat vexed, but this is Marie's dream, and there is little to do but carry on with his role as the presenter.
The Domo sits on his right; Atilla sits on his left.
Human-resources types coin some memorable not-quite-ready-for-Webster words: the noun re-career is the new job you take after you retire from running with the big rats; job-lock explains your staying in a lousy job because it offers health insurance; and if you're a domo (from downwardly mobile professional), you're an under-40 who shucks a promising career to concentrate on more meaningful or spiritual activities.
SILICON SLOPES, Utah -- CEOs at Fortune 500 companies are participating in social media channels significantly less than the general public, according to a new study sponsored by Domo and CEO.
com Technology Leadership -- Catherine Wong, Domo Leadership Excellence -- Jill Layfield, Backcountry
On April 8, Domo CEO Josh James made a big announcement: Domo had raised $200 million in a Series D round of financing led by New York-based venture capital (VC) firm BlackRock.
SeeNews) - Oct 7, 2013 - Belgian Balta will scrap carpet brand Domo at the end of the year as already agreed in the summer of 2010 whenA Domo Floorcoverings became part of theA textile group.