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The encounter was triggered when troops of 22 bn Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) were carrying out a search operation along with Jharkhand Police at Donai Khurd village late Thursday night, the CRPF said.
Tenders are invited for Construction of single lane road bridge over donai khal at mouza at sankhabai at amsole gp
The Talash police station had registered a case against the accused after he was charged of killing Kalim Shehzad S/O Ghulam Rehman, a resident of Donai Dushkhel on April, 12, 2013.
Kenichiro Donai (Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University) for kindly review of this manuscript.
El mapa representa por igual las poblaciones donde se documenta un nombre como aquellas donde se concentran varios nombres o varias repeticiones de un nombre, como Villalcampo (con 16), Donai o Hinojosa de Duero (con 10) y Yecla de Yeltes (con 10).
El peligro se torna evidente cuando, luego de los respectivos pautos o pactos con el demonio o con sus directos representantes (embajadores como Eduvey y Donai y varios otros diablos y diablitas menores), algunos zanganos logran compenetrarse tanto con los espacios embravecidos que pueden acceder a la forma suprema de la naturaleza salvaje: la de tigre.
Diagnosis of IP is made by the diagnostic criterion given by Landy and Donai (2).
Nineteen-year-old Weightman had enlisted the help of Mark Donai, 32, to drug and smother his parents in a plot to get rich from a life assurance payout.
What brighter proof of the continuity and benefit of our policies than this hydraulic management of Cochinchina, pursued since the first days of the conquest, continuing 60 years without pause to realize a plan that provides, by a network of canals extended by our engineers in the Mekong and Donai [sic] Deltas, development for the benefit of the Annamite [Vietnamese] people from these alluvial soils, heavy with silt, heavy with their future crops.
Procacci transcribes the last three words as "che li donai,"(35) meaning that Michelangelo gave the bust to Ridolfi, but the Cardinal died in 1550 and it is highly improbable that Michelangelo first gave the unfinished bust to him and then retrieved it after Ridolfi's death for Calcagni to complete.
Tenders are invited for Renewal Work Of Kauli L/R Km 1,2(200), Raswadiya L/R Km1(500), Buxa-Bhiwaraha L/R Km 1, 2(500), Purateji Thakur Basti L/R Km 1(780), Gaura Kala L/R 1(700), Buxa-Lohinda Marg To Gaurakala-Barchauli L/R Km 1,2(500), Alhadiya L/R Km 1,2(500), Donai L/R
These sexy scenes scared Donai off being involved, especially given the current more conservative climate of Egypt and her fear of being pidgeon-holed another Ghada Abdel Razek , or a provocative actress.