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Coincidentally, Baier was close to his doppleganger this week, as Putin was in Hanover for talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel.
Mr Taylor's 20 titles, including Shadowmancer, Wormwood and DoppleGanger Chronicles, have been translated into 51 languages, drawing glowing praise from literary critics, who hailed him as "the new CS Lewis" during a tour of the US.
Among other common themes were calls for a fan-based buyout of the club and more supporter involvement, while one fan simply requested the following "Jamie Carragher takes over the day-to-day running of the club and Shankly''s doppleganger becomes our new manager
No, seriously either the guy has a doppleganger, or the man who is handling everything at the moment has defected to southern Africa to get away from his sudden notoriety.
GP Taylor, the Shadowmancer author, thinks he might well have cracked the enduring problem with his latest book, The First Escape, the first in the Doppleganger series.
GP Taylor, from Whitby, broke off from promoting his latest book Doppleganger Chronicles in America to launch the competition at Berwick Hills Library.
The Justin Timberlake doppleganger may not have found the greatest punting system known to man, but he has to go down as one of the world's biggest tossers after his heads-and-tails marathon.
He plays a clone, Lincoln Six-Echo, who has been grown to provide spare body parts for his doppleganger.
Kind of weird how he is some sort of doppleganger for Jason Lee while UK's Benny Fairfax looks a whole heck of a lot like Chris Pastras.
However McCormick, whose new book I Was Bono's Doppleganger is out this month, revealed:
The band focused on its earlier, dissonant work from before Siouxsie scraped off the mascara, cut her hair and morphed from Goth goddess to a darker, earthier Pat Benatar doppleganger.
Now, he has convinced countrywide audiences that he's the former Take That star's doppleganger.