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In the room without fire sprinklers, fire and toxic smoke quickly traveled down the dorm hallway.
3 - Dorm Furniture - Colleges lack dorm chairs and other dorm furniture.
The mortgage and permit application are two more big steps toward completing the dorm project by fall 2015.
Another 650 athletes, media members and officials rented rooms at the Living Learning Center, the university's newest dorm, said Tom Driscoll, the assistant director of housing and director of food services.
As the warden looked for ways to curb these malcontents, the faith-based dorm had evolved into something rather unique with the integration of restorative justice and was ready to expand to a larger facility.
So, if a student wants to turn on the feature while, say, walking back to a dorm late at night, campus security can "watch" her progress remotely to make sure she arrives on time and safely.
Investigators suspect that inmate Alex Valdez, 43, was punched or kicked in the abdomen before dropping to the floor of his dorm at the Pitchess Detention Center, said Capt.
The Papasan Moon chair and the Papasan Dorm Sofa both feature a soft microfiber material coupled with an extra thick cushion for added comfort.
The preventive medicine committee established by the Zagazig University chairman Mohamed Abdel l stated on Monday in its report that the conditions at its dorm kitchens are unacceptable.
Evaluators theorized that inmates got tired of restrictions on their limited freedoms, or Southsider gang members -- Latino street gang members bound by their incarceration -- controlled activities in the dorms.
Unfortunately, dorms have blind spots, such as bathrooms and showers, that obstruct an officer's view.
I don't see the schools losing, but it provides the ability for students to come to the city and provides the dorms.