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4,66-70) Using both SSEP and MEP monitoring is thought to reduce the incidence of false-negatives that would occur when using SSEP, since SSEP monitors only the dorsal column sensory pathway, leaving the anterior and posterior spinal cord susceptible to injury.
Stimulating the dorsal column of the spinal cord reduces these oscillations, which researchers believe creates the ability to produce motor function.
Many individuals also seek alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, transcutaneus electric nerve stimulation (TENS), massage, and dorsal column stimulation (Maloni, 2000).
Although he associates the doll-like female figure standing in the 'fantastic palace' with childhood memories of his mother, and the enigmatic ball and chute in the background with himself, Giacometti claims not to know why he was compelled to include 'the dorsal column in a cage' or the 'skeleton-bird'.
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