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Due to the issues discussed in the previous section, a need has been identified for materials incorporating defined changes to the wedge angle specifically in the HUD zone to reduce double image for all drivers.
David Friedman and Dave Samuels, known as the duo Double Image, on Saturday will perform jazz vibraphone and marimba selections, including both standards and some of their Grammy-nominated original compositions.
Dave Samuels has established himself as the master mallet player of his generation, due to his creative approach to both the vibraphone and the marimba, as well as to his musical versatility, performing and recording with a broad scope of artists, ranging from Oscar Peterson, Gerry Mulligan, Stan Getz, Carla Bley, the Yellowjackets, and Pat Metheny, to Frank Zappa, Spyro Gyra, Bruce Hornsby, Double Image, and The Caribbean Jazz Project.
They swept past us locked together (too locked for the stewards' liking), creating a double image of intensity that only great riding can give - two men and two horses compressed into their athletic ultimate.
The cover of Moral Disorder, Margaret Atwood's newest collection of gorgeously interwoven stories, holds a double image of one woman shown twice.
If the roof angle deviates more than 3 or 4 arcseconds from 90[degree] a double image is seen, so manufacturers place a tight tolerance on this angle.
The beauty of Ashton's work is capsulated in the divine simplicity of its choreography, which merges with the equally effortless 1876 Delibes score to provide a double image of old-style Paris Opera grandeur and new-style 20th-century neoclassicism.
John Peter Moore was accused of cutting out and manipulating the 1969 painting The Double Image of Gala.
After an introduction by the editor, the volume opens with a section devoted to Christian-Jewish religious disputation, first in a 12th century chronicle and then in the double image of Church and Synagogue in visual art and literary genres (articles by Vera Milde and Monika Wolf).
The early poems discussed here--"An Obsessive Combination of Ontological Inscape, Trickery and Love" (hereafter "An Obsessive Combination") and "The Double Image," both written in 1958, and "For John," written in 1959, are narcissistic in the sense that they are intrigued by and reflect on how, exactly, their meanings are realized and shared.
When combined with the robust functionality of the SW-9571-CYY DVD MULTI Drive, Double Image 5.
The double image of Patrick Bateman is constructed both within the novel and the film, and both media help to construct the double image of the yuppie and the serial killer--which, in the end, becomes actualized only in an empty symbol, a reflection.