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However, as this study primarily focuses on marking vowel quantity with double consonant graphemes, giving a more detailed outline of the alternative interpretations goes far beyond the scope of the study.
The results of his analysis of the use of double consonants in various phonological environments in his opinion show that vowel quantity is the main factor that determines the use of <CC> digraphs.
The lack of double consonants in open syllables in his opinion proves that <CC> digraphs were used by the scribe to mark tautosyllabicity.
The use of double consonants in clusters followed by a third consonant, e.
Since the publication of Holt's (1878) edition much has been said about the frequent use of double consonants in The Ormulum.
As can be seen in the adduced examples, double consonants following a short vowel can be found in both verbs and nouns, e.
She maintains that in Late Old and Early Middle English marking of short vowels in closed syllables with double consonants became very common, regardless of the possible modifications in the phonemic substance represented by such consonant digraphs.
1899 "Orm's double consonants again", Englische Studien 26: 455-456.