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The conducted experiments generally use a 64-bit double precision for storing and calculating the convolution.
The performance of CUSPARSE, CUSP, clSpMV, CSR5, CSR-Adaptive, PCSR, and IPCSR in double precision for all test matrices on C2050 and K20c is listed in Figures 5 and 6, respectively.
As mentioned before, we distinguish between single and double precision computations.
When combined with the award-winning CUDA C-language development software for parallel computing, the new Tesla products extend the reach of GPUs to any computationally intensive applications requiring double precision accuracy.
Using double precision, the above-mentioned formulae have yielded the distance between the points S = 8466621.
e E provide E bits to represent the exponent -t T provide T-bits precision -h hide leading bit -s single precision and exponent range (same as -e 8 -t 24 -h) -d double precision and exponent range (same as -e 11 -t 53 -h) -l long double or extended precision and exponent range (same as -e 15 -t 64) as, for example, on Intel platforms -q quadruple precision and exponent range (same as -e 15 -t 113 -h) as, for example, on Sun Sparc platforms -m multiprecision format (same as -e 15 -t 240)
As Table 1 and 2 indicate, each of them, functioning under the same conditions (C program in double precision, where R = 3.
These GPUs are well suited for single as well as double precision workloads, including seismic processing, signal, image and video analysis, molecular dynamics, engineering and mathematical applications.
In this paper, a GPU-accelerated implementation of the finite element matrix generation for a 9 pole microwave combline filter for the GSM band in double precision is presented.
The Quadro 4000 for the Mac also features fast 64-bit double precision floating point capabilities to ensure accurate results in the case of mission critical applications, such as medical imaging and structural analysis.
First we experimentally ground the best use of Pseudo-Random Number Generator testing it with Floating Point Unit and single or double precision arithmetic.