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Gillan, who plays the Doctor's sidekick Amy Pond, warmed her hands on a red and white spotty hot water bottle, as she snuggled into her fleecy dressing gown and thick winter coat, in an attempt to keep warm during the late-night shoot.
So let us only see more letters from people who do not pollute the atmosphere, moaning about the two or three patients in dressing gowns.
Primark issued a product recall notice over women's dressing gowns labelled Secret Possessions, style no.
OK, so they weren't still in their dressing gowns - but it's hardly gonna entice the crowds in is it?
Knit fabric, dressing gowns and robes, and bras will be subject to the import curb which is allowed under commitments made by China for its accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO).
Mick Jagger, 60, Keith Richards, 59, Charlie Watts, 62, and 56-year-old Ronnie Wood even put on their dressing gowns after the latest gig on their sell-out world tour.
Shipments of manmade fiber trousers, knit shirts, and dressing gowns and robes, among many other categories, have decreased by as much as 72%.
With fruity prints and light, floaty negligees and dressing gowns, the designer collaboration should wake up your wardrobe for spring.
We've bought two fleecy dressing gowns to keep us warm in the evenings.
Dressing gowns bought at branches of Primark have been recalled following a scare they might have been contaminated by a chemical substance.
A chain store has recalled around 10,000 dressing gowns after a scare that they might have been contaminated by a chemical substance.
Nine out of 10 people claim they take advantage of buyone-get-one-free offers, while 29% admit they have taken shampoo, shower gel and dressing gowns from hotel rooms, according to Abbey National.