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All it requires is a bit of flattery, drinkies, lunchies, and a regular stroke of their egos and over they roll.
Over Easter, some pals came round for a few drinkies.
EMI'S fabulous post-Brits bash, sponsored by Puma and Singha beer, really kicked off: Damon Albarn and Alex James had drinkies with Noel Gallagher; new Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model judge Tyson Beckford revealed he couldn't wait to start filming; Dermot O'Leary and wife-to-be Dee Koppang chatted to Cese Fabregas and Chris Martin partyhopped and whizzed around saying hello to everyone.
And then we'll bathe, dress and welcome the family, enjoy mid-morning drinkies and nibbles before the cook announces that lunch is ready.
That's why I came to have a few posh drinkies and a chat with him at The swanky Ritz in London last week - he was launching his latest venture, a range of exquisite glasses for Royal Doulton.
No more drinkies on the Commons Terrace overlooking the Thames.
DUNDEE UNITED fans will have sang the name of Grant Brebner well into the wee hours of yesterday morning while sinking a few drinkies into the bargainBut unbeknown to the Arabs, they should have raised a glass or two to Mark Burchill as well.
Having said last week that an end of series party had been ruled out, the powers that be have decided to offer drinkies after all.