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Within minutes of chatting, he's dropping names like Kate Moss, Yasmin Le Bon, Kylie Minogue - all good friends - and also revealed how Lady Gaga's designer has made him some crazy outfits for a forthcoming Italian TV show.
DROPPING names through a haze of tropical punch - it was just another day at the office for Louie Spence, the campest man in showbiz.
s writing style, however, can be frustrating at times; he quotes critics in paragraph after paragraph, repetitively dropping names in the text.
Though both the McMullens adopt a folksy demeanor, they very clearly know their business, dropping names of obscure Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans known only by coffee cognoscenti and undergoing triple-digit revenue growth each year.
Although, at times, Simmons comes across like he's at a celebrity mixer, dropping names and titles like rapper Ludacris throws bows.
He kept dropping names of stars he said he knew like Brad Pitt and Madonna.