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An additional issue in extinction of tolerance is suggested by the homeostatic model of drug tolerance (Poulos & Cappell, 1991), an analysis which indicates that challenge procedures must be utilized to extinguish tolerance.
Drug tolerance is an unavoidable phenomenon in people who take narcotic analgesics over a prolonged period.
Drug-induced epigenetic changes produce drug tolerance.
Results presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting in Chicago, IL, on the clinical activity of amonafide dihydrochloride confirm that genotyping of patients prior to treatment allows for optimized dosing and improved drug tolerance.
The observation of interindividual differences in drug tolerance is perhaps as old as pharmacotherapy itself.
It's clear that this reduction underlies drug tolerance, but how and why does it occur?
Folic acid may also benefit individuals who use the cardiovascular drug nitroglycerin by preventing drug tolerance (decreased efficacy with use).
An urgent goal is to overcome drug tolerance, yet most of the drugs in development will not shorten the lengthy treatment.
Relatively high ratios of parent to metabolite drug concentrations, suggestive of naive or intermittent drug use, where significant development of drug tolerance would be unexpected, were also used to assess the role of these pharmaceuticals in causing death.
Our study revealed cellular and molecular mechanisms within our bodies that enable us to develop resistance to this medication, or what scientists call drug tolerance," she added.
Following are 22 contributions addressing commercial applications of synthetic biology, the genome as the unit of engineering, biofilm biosensors, sociomicrobiology, novel approaches to combat biofilm drug tolerance, next-generation synthetic gene networks, engineering scalable biological systems, vaccinology, and prokaryotic gene clusters, among other topics.