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Also from this neck of the woods are Mechanical Owl, whose Arcade Fire tendencies with crashing, live drum playing, has grown from a solo project to a full on live experience, and NME Radar star Swathes, whose noise-inspired electronica is punishing, challenging and uncompromising.
Dave Rowntree's drum playing was immaculate as ever as he sat perched behind the band, who were backed by a small brass section.
Instructions include a clear explanation of clave (the meter of Afro-Cuban rhythms) and how it functions; as well as an introduction to some essential Afro-Cuban forms (bembe, guaguanco, and salsa tumbaos); proper hand positioning and strokes; and a series of exercises designed to master the basic techniques of conga drum playing.
The present book aims to present and interpret the gender aspects of drum playing traditions in Iron Age Israel, based on clay figurines assumed to be female drummers found in various archaeological sites.