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DUCAT. The name of a foreign coin. The ducat of Naples shall be estimated in the computations of customs, at eighteen cents. Act of May 22, 1846.

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Clutching dolls, toys and backpacks, the children began filing off the bus shortly after 7pm yesterday as Jun Ducat had promised in a rambling message via a loudspeaker hours earlier.
First of all, Peter can happen to give a money changer in Milan a hundred gold Florentine ducats and want the same number of Florentines in Florence.
Querol said police will also look into whether Ducat had any accomplices.
Annie (Ciampaglia) hasn't played in a few years and she is a nice addition to the team,'' Ducat said.
Ducat and others at the time did not know that diabetes had devastating complications including blindness, kidney failure, cardiovascular problems and amputation.
Ducat, who kidnapped priests in 1989, said: "I love these kids.
Hence, a person who has a golden ducat may ask for a soldo of someone who wishes to exchange small money for it because it is more serviceable to him and not commit a sin.
We are grateful to the Genzyme Corporation for their generous donation and their ongoing commitment to our partnership," Ducat said.
Ducat said he was pleased with the play of all his team members this season, and especially the seniors, who were playing their final game in a Green and White uniform.
Ducat told police he would surrender if he was promised that 145 children at the day-care centre in the capital's poor suburb of Tondo were provided with education, television reports said.
For example, a money changer gives Peter who has his money in Rome but needs a thousand ducats in Milan a thousand ducats for one thousand and ten delivered to him in Rome.
The faculty for the conference consists of the elite in the field of genetics and the genetics of rare disease from major universities and medical research centers, NIH, federal agencies and the pharmaceutical community," said Ducat.