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DUCAT. The name of a foreign coin. The ducat of Naples shall be estimated in the computations of customs, at eighteen cents. Act of May 22, 1846.

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Third, Peter can happen to want good, gold or silver, money at Florence for those ducats, in accordance with what they are worth at the time of their payment, say on market days in Florence.
Thus, the person who lends one hundred ducats in Flanders, Rome, or Leon (where the ducats are worth more than in Castile) should be paid more than one hundred there [i.
32) Perhaps out of gratitude for the many services he rendered to the firm, Veronica provided a dowry of three hundred ducats for De Bollis's wife, Letizia.
First, Calderino (11) did well in advising that a good purchase was that of one who bought from another in Genoa for one hundred ducats one hundred six [ducats] from Alexandria in Egypt, because the one hundred present [ducats] from Genoa were worth more for the person who was here than one hundred that were absent, in Alexandria.
Not only did Regina della Scala, Bernabo's redoubtable wife, attend the wedding, but all her daughters did so as well, and Regina presented the bride with a gift of 1,000 ducats.
4) In this deal, one hundred ducats from Medina are bought in Lisbon for less than ninety-five and in Flanders for less than ninety.
From what has been said, it is easy to surmise, in the first place, [the reason] why 1 maravedi was added to the 11 silver reales of a ducat's price: so that the half pound of that gold was given a value of 24,000 maravedis and each ducat had a gold drachma, taking away from each of the 64 ducats the grains that were needed in order to produce 11/3 ducats for minting expenses.
As Chiara Dona had said, "What had stood for 760 years has now been taken from them, when they had spent 46,000 ducats on the church, the convent and the magnificent refectory [italics mine].
The question is: Is due equality observed in the commutation or exchange of 100 ducats in Castile for the same amount in Portugal, and the other way around, of 100 in Portugal for the same amount in Castile?
Cammillo Calfucci is forgotten in the scene that intervenes between Ligurio's first and second requests, as Ligurio pretends to go off to speak with a woman who will inform him that Calfucci's daughter has miscarried, and as Timoteo's eagerness to acquire three hundred ducats propels him to agree to assisting in Lucrezia's seduction.
Thus if the exchange is carried out reckoning in larger coins, such as ducats, escudos, or silver reales (which is the custom), and if the value of these coins is different in the place where the exchange is being carried out and in the place for which it is given, it has already been proven in Argument 407 (against what some doctors think) that although one should consider somewhat this greater or lesser value, this should have a very small influence in the increase of the type of exchange, if it is to be considered just.
Only about 370 ducats came from private lay donors.