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Pete's a Hall of Famer in our eyes and we are excited to have him on board with Myoflex," said Ducere Pharma Chief Executive Officer Chris Dominello.
10, CCCM 140: 445: "Hiis tribus primis diebus, sollempniter est feriandum; in sequentibus uero, licet uiris ruralia opera, que magis sunt necessaria, exercere; sed feminis non licet here, nunquam autern choreas ducere, quia, secundum Gregorium, melius est fodere et arare quam choreas ducere.
Canon 98 reads as follows: "Patriarcha de consensu Synodi Episcoporum Ecclesiae patriarchalis et praevio assensu Romani Pontificis conventiones iuri a Sede Apostolica statuto non contrarias cum auctoritate civili inire potest; easdem autem conventiones Patriarcha ad effectum ducere non potest nisi obtenta Romani Pontificis approbatione.
It did not mean at all that natives were encouraged to go in for sport, nor did it give them facilities and encouragement for their training in manly games but above all, it failed to make them understand the true philosophical value and pedagogic importance of the motto we alluded to the other day, in connection with the African medal created in 1923 by the International Olympic Committee as a medal of encouragement, on it were engraved the following words: 'athletae propium est se ipsum noscere, ducere et vincere'.
1988), em suas origens, o termo educação traduz as noções de conduzir e de liderar, as quais estão presentes, no termo latino ducere, que significa levar ou conduzir e no termo indo-europeu duk, cuja variação é deuk, que quer dizer liderar.
ducere posse digito, aut stilo rectam lineam, nisi pluribus motibus circularibus compositis simul.
Here are some examples: Synagogue, from Greek syn 'with, together' translates into Latin con, Greek agein 'to lead, to bring' = Latin ducere this gives us conduct.
Valle senex Clausa supremum ducere tempus et Clausa cupio, te duce, Valle mori.
34) Indeed, implicit in the very word matrimony is the idea that a man and a woman unite in legal marriage, in matrimonium ducere, so that they may have children.
Yeomanstown Stud offers a Common Grounds brother to Group 3 July Stakes hero Rich Ground and half-brother to smart 1999 juvenile Bandanna (200), and a Revoque half-sister to Italian Listed winner Classem Ducere out of a half-sister to Dewhurst winner Monteverdi from a fine family (204).
the nation's leading digital behavioral change therapy company, announced that Founder and CEO Michael Laskoff will join Ducere as a member of it's Global Faculty.
New York, July 25 ( ANI ): An Indian startup company Ducere Technologies has come up with the very first 'smart shoe' that will tell people where to go.