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DURANTE. A term equivalent to during, which is used in some law phrases, as durante absentia, during absence; durante minor cetate, during minority; durante bene placito, during our good pleasure.

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As cordeiras do sistema de aleitamento controle apresentaram melhor desempenho na fase pre- desmama, e pode ter influenciado o desenvolvimento da glandula mamaria, principalmente pelo fato de terem sido mantidas em confinamento durante todo o periodo de crescimento.
Castillo Durante survole trois approches (philosophique, ethnologique, postcoloniale) pour les rejeter tres vite, situation qui est particulierement surprenante si nous tenons compte de l'importante reflexion effectuee par de nombreux essayistes hispanoamericains au sujet du postcolonialisme.
Durante said taking care of the troops is the number one priority, and everything else is second.
If you got down to it, the manual said, 'avoid fighting in cities," Durante said.
We are extremely honored to have made this prestigious list," said President of Durante Rentals, John Durante.
One where people could downsample at high refresh rates, and where the quality of the scaling in real-time was finally equal to that achieved in image manipulation programs," Durante wrote on his blog.
Esta monografia se enfoca en once novelas y relatos breves que se publicaron durante la guerra.
Detroit experienced the vast majority of these warning signs," said Bob Durante, leader of the Americas Solutions and Services Team for S&P Capital IQ Risk Solutions.
El objetivo del presente trabajo fue estudiar los eventos tempranos de la FIV, analizando la tasa de maduracion y desarrollo embrionario post-fertilizacion de ovocitos madurados in vitro (IVM) durante el transporte.
Wellington: With nothing at stake in New Zealand's final Oceania group World Cup qualifier, Australian-born Andrew Durante has been named among sweeping changes to the squad to play the Solomon Islands.
The research by Kristina Durante, assistant professor of marketing at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Business, found that hormones associated with ovulation influence women's perceptions of men as potential fathers.