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In a particularly bittersweet moment in EDtv, DeGeneres wistfully watches some kids jump up and down excitedly in front of a minimart security camera Sure, it's tantalizing to capture the media's eye, she seems to be saying, but at what cost?
The convenience of the portable DVD player and the razor sharp imagery of the EDTV monitor make these tools for entertainment high on everyone's list for both business and personal agendas," said George Brennan, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Interstate Hotels & Resorts.
This move is in response to the proliferation of lower-priced EDTVs offered by its competitors, according to Ernie Block, product specialist at Sony.
Jibe's EdgeBurst(TM) software enables companies such as EDTV to cost- effectively distribute high quality media online.
In the latter form, the celebrity becomes an Entertainment Service Provider delivering content and affinity, through technology, to the fans that pay monthly membership fees, a percentage of which is shared with EDTV.
A 37-inch EDTV PDP, which earned a 2003 CES Innovations award (see separate news release), also is being considered for introduction later in the year.
1-inch L20V26 LCD EDTV monitor at a suggested price of $1,799, and the 15-inch L15V26 and ZLD15A1B LCD HDTV monitors at suggested prices of $999 and $1,199, respectively.
On September 16, 2002, EDTV signed an ESP marketing agreement with Master P and shared the news with BBAN's shareholders in a press release dated September 19, 2002.
Javits Center, an eye-catching new entrant will be unveiled in the 42" EDTV plasma category that will target both the Hospitality and Commercial Markets -- an affordable but high-picture quality 42" plasma, DP-42SM.
Zenith also has repositioned the other big, flat and thin models in its 2002 PDP line, including the new 50-inch P50W26 16:9 HDTV Monitor, the 42-inch P42W22B 16:9 EDTV (enhanced-definition television) Monitor, and the 40-inch P40V22 4:3 EDTV Monitor.
The CMP420V1 and CMP420V2 are 16:9 EDTV (enhanced definition) monitors and are specifically designed to meet the display needs of professional and commercial markets.
Of Zenith's two new enhanced-definition LCD models, the L20V26 EDTV is the larger, boasting a spacious 20.