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They also inspected the work done to protect the riversides, which cost EGP 8m.
Since its inception, the EGP has focused on generating nearly complete genotype information using targeted DNA sequencing of genes across 90 PDR samples and has provided substantial insights in the variability of the human genome (Livingston et al.
Governmental deposits at banks increased in July by about EGP 19.
responsible for identifying, monitoring and supporting the implementation of the donor-funded EGP
Furthermore, the Hyundai Elantra's price increased by EGP 7,500 to reach EGP 159,900, and the Hyundai Accent increased by EGP 7,000 to reach EGP 135,000.
The company's capital amounts to EGP 15m, and its book-value is EGP 70m.
Three year bonds will amount to EGP four billion, five year bonds to EGP three billion, seven year bonds to EGP three billion, and ten year bonds to EGP two billion.
The board also adopted a decision to increase the company's authorised capital to EGP 400m.
The relative size of EGP at less than $1 billion in total undepreciated book heightens the firm's susceptibility to event risk and cash flow volatility.
The CBE will put forward bids for treasury bills and bonds worth EGP 86bn in October.
SODIC's net profit for the first half (1H) of 2015 has increased by 25%, registering EGP 146m out of EGP 585m in revenues.
EGP 100m were given to support medicines and children's milks, so as the state can bear the difference between the actual price of the medicine and the pharmacies' pricing.