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Natural England says the change to Upland ELS will recognise the specific challenges faced by farmers working in Severely Disadvantaged Areas by providing higher value payments in return for simple environmental management changes.
Charles Raine, partner in Hexham-based Youngs Chartered Surveyors, said: "Farmers can only join the UELS scheme if they are already in the ELS or Organic Entry Level Stewardship (OELS) schemes.
Said Graeme Vousden, lean engineer at WRSL, "The ELS agreement supports WRSL's growth into new and emerging markets around the world, where the company is delivering new and modified signalling systems both for mainline and mass transit railways.
For 99% of farms, ELS offers a fairly simple opportunity to generate significant, additional net profit in return for basic environmental management.
As a strategic benefit, Bentley's ELS helps organizations such as VECO become more agile.
Combining our ELS with Apple's proven, easy-to-use computing technology gives our customers a cost-effective and timely way to update and revise flight information, thereby improving total operating efficiencies.
Our new Bentley ELS will give us ready access to the latter, and make it easier for us to use the advanced software solutions that are a best-fit with our clients' individual requirements and preferences.
With the recently completed merger with ELS, Resolve Staffing is laying the groundwork for tremendous success.
ELS contracts work similarly to Credit Default Swaps (CDS).
Immediately, the Bentley ELS will give Infotech Enterprises a quick, cost-effective way to offer its clients creative technical alternatives and solutions in support of their projects.
Family Lending Services needed an ELS that offered workflow, rules-based product and pricing, and a relational database providing the one-time entry of data to meet the needs for their growing operations.
OTCBB:RSFF) today announced that the merger with ELS has closed.