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EMPIRE. This word signifies, first, authority or command; it is the power to command or govern those actions of men which would otherwise be free; secondly, the country under the government of an emperor but sometimes it is used to designate a country subject to kingly power, as the British empire. Wolff, Inst. Sec. 833.

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Group, confirmed in an interview with Channel Middle East that EMPA is now a wholly owned company of
Dong Wu, vice president at Huawei Enterprise Middle East said: "The partnership with EMPA represents our commitment in providing leading ICT solutions to our valued customers in the GCC channel.
The EMPA is a world class online degree program and we are proud and excited to be assisting Southern University at Baton Rouge with this strategic initiative," emphasized Dr.
ESET said that the strategic partnership with EMPA will help the vendor meet the increased demand for its security offerings and expand its customer base across the region.
years now at EMPA - are contributing to performance improvements and to
In fact, it falls in a crucial moment for the region, because it coincides with the take-off of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), which represents the political branch of the governments, whilst the EMPA is the parliamentary branch," Gianni Pittella (S&D, Italy), Vice-President of the European Parliament with the Mediterranean portfolio, was quoted as saying by the Italian press agency ANSAmed.
EMPA Middle East receives award for outstanding support at Intel Distributors conference in Athens
Markus Rueedi of EMPA and Professor Urs Meyer of ETH will co-chair the program committee and the local arrangements committee.
EMPA can analyze all elements except for helium, hydrogen and lithium.
Information: Conference Secretary, Regula Fussenegger, EMPA St.
Summary: SanDisk recently signed a distribution agreement with EMPA Middle East, in an effort to increase flash memory growth in the region.
DeRose is affiliated with the Laboratory for Joining Technologies and Corrosion, EMPA, Switzerland.