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Our partnership with EPOC Messe Frankfurt and the opportunity to learn from the global leader can only be good for the future of the Qatar's meetings, conferences and exhibitions sector," added Karim Zarka.
Our future research will develop a more robust EPOC method to geometrical deformations of the irises that can involve a normalized iris with Log-Polar transform.
Additional information about EPOC and Symbian is available at http://www.
Thus, for fingerprint database registration, the EPOC method is more efficient than the BPOC method.
Larsen also said that there are no immediate plans to port the new Palm titles to either EPOC or CE.
The device has 16Mb of memory and runs the EPOC operating system.
The small footprint OS developer has been banging its EPOC drum hard this year, and last week distributed free software developers kits at its London developers conference.
The Emotiv EPOC is the world's first consumer neuroheadset.
Oracle said last year that it would port its Lite database to EPOC by the first half of this year.
The Emotiv EPOC detects over 30 different expressions, emotions and actions these include: emotional detections such as immersion, excitement, meditation, tension and frustration; facial expressions such as smile, laugh, wink, crossed eyes, shock (eyebrows raised), anger (eyebrows furrowed), horizontal eye movement, smirk and grimace (clenched teeth); and cognitive actions such as push, pull, lift, drop and rotate (on six different axis) as well as a completely new category of action based on visualization, the first of which is the ability to make objects disappear.
All devices based on the EPOC OS will also include positioning software, so that as long as the machine is switched on, it will be able to give users details of their current location.