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EARLDOM. The seigniory of an earl; the title and dignity of an earl.

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The new Lord Chamberlain seems to have been aware as early as 14 May 1603 that the attainder of his nephew's earldom would be revoked because he and his wife were then checking out exactly what lands were lost by the attainders of the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Arundel.
14) Of the seventy-five grants of lands in wardship to the men Edward III promoted into the parliamentary peerage or to earldoms in the period 1330 to 1377 (See Appendix A),(15) nineteen were straight gifts with no attached charges; forty-one were grants with some type of regular remuneration to the king (often referred to as "commitments"); one was by lease; four were by sale; three were by simple stewardship of the land (with all profits going to the king); five were a mixture of these types -- or cases where the terms of a grant were later changed; and in two cases, the terms of the grant are unknown.
Almost all such wardships granted out to Edward's new men -- including the earldoms of Kent, Pembroke, Atholl, and Ormond as well as the Mortimer and Despenser estates -- were broken up into smaller grants relevant to the interests of the recipients.
Her study is based on an examination of almost 300 charters relating to the earldoms of Strathearn and Lennox from the 12th to the 15th century.
Were these earldoms engaged in the dried fish trade of profound importance in better-documented Scandinavian contexts such as Norway and Iceland?
The importance of long-range trade in the Norse earldoms of northern Scotland is not in question.