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For socialization purposes, Early Head Start also sponsors a visitation period once a month that allows all KIDS unit mothers to attend, as well as any general population inmates who have custody of their children--as long as the children are under the age of three and are not currently participating in Early Head Start outside the institution.
Health & Human Services, 2002), the Early Head Start Performance Standards served as the basis for the content of the evaluation and the recommended multiple method approach informed the evaluation design.
Attend the "socialization" time held at Early Head Start with the adolescent.
Being mature did not mean that the programs followed a single curriculum or protocol for involvement; in Early Head Start father involvement was tailored to the program model and community.
Early Head Start children may also be at less risk for needing special education intervention, since only one-third were found to be at risk for slower development learning.
The federal government's signature programs are Head Start (for ages 3 to 5) and Early Head Start (for ages 0 to 3).
The Early Head Start program, a logical augmentation, takes kids from birth to age 3 - thus the "early" - and also concentrates on mothers during their prenatal months.
In 1995, the federal government began another variant of Head Start by instituting Early Head Start programs to provide comprehensive services to pregnant women, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.
Three Denver Early Head Start child development centers are sharing $25,000 raised by sales of Mile High H20 bottled water, a partnership of the city and Deep Rock Water.
Challenges in Implementing Center-Based and Home-Based Early Head Start Programs -Golas, Horm, & Caruso
But the three-member panel formally denied the appeal Tuesday and upheld LACOE's decision to terminate LACA's Early Head Start and Head Start contracts in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valleys.
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