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Commenting further on the glaring gender disparity in the early novels Andrea Powell states that:
While Austen's early novels focus on a mainly leisure class, the gentry and minor aristocracy, the later novels reflect England's changing landscape during the early nineteenth century.
Rae, for example, freely admits that both Bowering and Marlatt "produce[d] an early (and for them unsatisfying) realist novel before earning reputations as poets and returning to the novel with a renewed conception of it," but he generally disregards these early novels as abortive attempts that fail to provide any insight into the authors' later styles (7).
Also highly recommended for public library and private literature collections is the companion volume, "William Maxwell: Early Novels and Stories" (9781598530162, $35.
Robbe-Grillet's early novels are thus invaded by inoperative descriptions of things, whose parasitic growth owes nothing to the requirements of the plot.
It's just a shame she cannot quite create the fire that made her early novels stand out.
There is a good selection of early novels in Russian written by Vladimir Nabokov under the pseudonym "Sirin" as well as a hand-written contract for an unpublished libretto signed by "Vladimir Vladimirovich Sirin (Nabokov)" in 1924.
His early novels featured a central character narrating in the first person as ''I.
The essays in the volume attest to the variety of the exercises of meditation in works as diverse as d'Aubigne's Meditations sur les pseaumes; in Pibrac's and Du Vair's parliamentary orations; in the spirtual exercises of the Jesuits; in Bossuet's and Fenelon's polemical speeches; in Descartes's philosophical Meditations and Malebranche's Meditations chrestiennes; in both pious and profane baroque poetry by Goudet, Desmarets, Durand, Sorel, and others; in tragedy and in early novels, paintings, and music.
Her two early novels reflect--much like the work of the Dominican-American Julia Alvarez--that experience of belonging to two cultures, criticized by each for not speaking the language correctly.
This exact rendition makes accessible one of the most significant of Balzac's early novels in that respect.
There are essays on: the aestheticizing of scripture; Bakhtin on Tolstoy and the Bible; the novel and Protestantism (which argues for the identification of novel writing with north European and British Protestant cultures); Tom Jones, Methodism and Wuthering Heights; religious discourse in the early novels published in All the Year Round; religion in the novels of D.

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