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City officials had been hoping to get as many as 100 takers - 80 municipal and 20 public school employees - but when all was said and done, only 55 employees ended up taking early retirements.
In March, Nissan said a total of 775 workers at two of its auto and engine factories in Tennessee had applied for the early retirement program, more than doubling the automaker's forecast of 300.
By law, the Air Force may select up to 30 percent of the eligible officers in each grade and competitive category for early retirement.
The Alert, Look Before You Leave: Don't Be Misled By Early Retirement Investment Pitches That Promise Too Much urges investors to think carefully before acting on promises such as, "Everyone can retire early
He is also concerned about a proposal to give early retirement to the assistant director for human resources, Neil Lodwick.
Fujisawa and Yamanouchi, which will create the second-largest drug maker in Japan through the merger, had accepted early retirement applications between Nov.
Thus, the payments to Ps in exchange for their tenure rights under the early retirement incentive plans were not "wages" within the meaning of FICA, under Sec.
The union is expecting a higher than normal number of pilots to take early retirement on 1 December 2004 as they will still receive benefits based on their salaries before the pay cut.
It makes me wonder what kind of day job Benedict will find for me after my 1,373 days until early retirement.
If you wait this long under NCLB, the government might make your decision about early retirement for you.
Northern Development and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci was in North Bay March 4 to announce a "bold new direction" for the money-losing railway and telecommunications operator through an alliance with Telus and a proposal to reduce the 900-member workforce by 200 through early retirement as a cost-cutting measure.
In establishing early retirement incentives, governments need to specify the primary objective the program is designed to achieve.

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