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The spokesman added: "EWOS has finished goods stocked in Puerto Montt that was not affected by the earth quake and this warehouse may serve EWOS' customers for one week.
The earth quake mainly hit a number of areas including Ziarat, Chaman, Sewai and Qalat area of Quetta city of Baluchistan last night where the tremor according to the rector scale was confirmed as 6.
A WORKER dubbed China's luckiest earth quake survivor was pulled from the rubble in a bigger quake 30 years ago.
THE NEW ALBUM: Appropriately titled Another Earth quake, it is a mix of rock, rap, hip-hop, R&B and Latino tunes.
COVENTRY'S Gujarati Shree Krishna temple in Foleshill has had a staggering response to its appeal to help the earth quake victims.
This was in 1978, after the earth quake election of 1977 had for the first time put the right wing Likud in power.
SAKHAKOT -- Nazim of union council Alefa Sajid Khan said that current aid for the victim of earth quake was insufficient and the government should increase the package aid for the victims as dozen of families were still homeless.
According to Meteorological Department, an earth quake measuring 4.
Provincial Officer Robina Haider in her brief address praised the participants for patience during five day long training and hoped they would serve the people in dire need especially during disasters like fire, flood, earth quake, sliding and torrential rains.
The project boasts of well designed earth quake proof RCC construction using aluminum shuttering technology in accordance with Vstu.
He extended his condolences on the loss of life and property caused by the recent earth quake in Eastern China.
Tenders are invited for Providing electrical installation in connection with Repair & Renovation Of District Library Damaged Due To Earth Quake On 26/12/2004.