easily affected

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Suitable for low--to high-pH and fatty foods, Nutrishield Solista spray coatings also have enhanced flavor-neutral properties to help easily affected products pass extensive flavor tests.
I would be easily affected by all that was said or written about me.
The movie also shows that North Korea leader as a man easily affected by the American media and its way of life, like listening to American music and playing basketball.
Soda lime base glass material photomasks are easily affected by temperature disparity, resulting in higher overlay error when loading multiple layers.
It wasn't the fact that it contained inappropriate and provocative scenes as some speculated, but the fact that her daughter was so easily affected by some of its scenes that brought her to tears, reports Laha Magazine.
Advertising is a very challenging industry because it is a very creative and volatile business that is easily affected by economic downturns," said Edmond Moutran, CEO and chairman of Memac Ogilvy, a leading advertising firm in Lebanon and in the region.
Moreover, the activity of glucose oxide is easily affected by temperature, pH value, humidity, and toxic chemicals.
Based on the on local site with local materials by local personnel concept, NTN is expanding production overseas that are experiencing increased demand, and increasing the local procurement rate, with the aim of establishing a production system that is not easily affected by exchange rates.
It's mostly because the airport is easily affected by weather, which can put the airport below our minimum operating requirements (as described in the blog).
Cigarette smoking affects the levels of various hormones; PSA is also a molecule that can be easily affected by several factors.
The Turkish sector is easily affected by these conditions, Ekinci said, particularly citing recent heated political incidents in the Middle East that have damaged export figures to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
Al A'amri said the system would result in secure drawings that cannot be falsified and wouldn't be easily affected by natural factors.