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ECCLESIA. In classical Greek this word signifies any assembly, and in this sense it is used in Acts xix. 39. But ordinarily, in the New Testament, the word denotes a Christian assembly, and is rendered into English by the word church. It occurs thrice only in, the Gospels, viz. in Matt. xvi. 18, and xviii. 17; but very frequently in the other parts of the New Testament, beginning with Acts ii. 47. In Acts xix. 37, the word churches, in the common English version, seems to be improperly used to denote heathen temples. Figuratively, the word church is employed to signify the building set apart for the Christian assemblies; but the word eclesia is not used in the New Testament in that sense.

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Radio Ecclesia said demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse on Tuesday to protest against the trial, as heavily armed riot police guarded the building.
The free-roaming nature of previous titles is also gone, and instead Konami have split Ecclesia into more traditional levels.
The church is asking for reserved parking spaces for hearses and ceremonial cars arriving for funerals and weddings at its Ecclesia Hall.
government provided financial support to Radio Ecclesia to increase its public affairs and news programming as an independent alternative source of information for citizens.
The clear and strong witness of our forefathers is being diluted by the adulterated gospel proffered by our "with it" ecclesia and sadly, biblically illiterate laity.
Ruth and George Chippendale (Palo Alto) were awarded the Cross Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, which recognizes Catholics who show outstanding leadership and service to those in need.
29, Richard Marlow will conduct Cantores in Ecclesia in a program of music from Byrd's two 1591 collections, in St.
As Mary's book observes, typically Ecclesia is "erect and triumphant, symbol of the church of the victorious Christ.
There was a marked development of the sense of rector Ecclesia with its concern for sacerdotal formation (Lizzi).
At Pentecost, the Jewish feast of the first fruits of the harvest, when the fledgling group of disciples gathered in Jerusalem, they received the Holy Spirit and the ecclesia (gathering) of Christ was born.
Does it not also relate to the salvation of the global human community, within which the Ecclesia is already an earnest of things to come?
Socrates begins his defense before the ecclesia - or assembly of free citizens - by reminding them that they have been warned that he is a skillful ("deceitful") speaker.