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It is established that on the vast majority of ecological factors score estimates of three habitats of the CPU of the studied types authentically differ (P < 0.
000 Table 4--Load factor classification Factors High load indicators Named Factor 1 X1, X4, X5, X6, X11, X12, X13 economic factors Factor 2 X3, X7, X8, X9, X10 cultural elements Factor 3 X2, X14, X15, X16 ecological factors
The ecological factors concerned the system of relationships that were the source of the contradictions and included self, profession, parents, and children.
Mandara, 2006) related to the influence of parenting and parental factors on African American student behavior and development is mixed and contradictory, the notion of a positive association between Baumrind's (1971) and Maccoby and Martin's (1983) parenting typology and other ecological factors, such as church attendance, family structure, and parental communication, with African American males' achievement is uncertain.
Study of ecological factors included elevation, EC, texture of soil and pH in each releve.
Differing patterns of the relationships between the ecological factors and sibling adjustment emerged.
On the basis of a scree test, the ecological factor analysis of the 57 values produced three factors, together explaining 62 percent of the variance.
Stepwise discriminant analysis showed a series of seven ecological factors play important role on distinguish the bedding and foraging sites in accordance with the order of its contribution value: distance away from livestock vegetation cover hiding cover level distance to summit of mountain distance from the settlements altitude distance from the hidden objects.
Among ecological factors, elevation had the most important role in the distribution and diversity of species (Fig.
TABLE 1 Ecological Factors That May Influence Mental Health of Immigrant Women Ecological System Specific Factors and Considerations Individual Age Sex Physical and cognitive abilities Personality traits Coping styles and resiliency Language proficiency Achievement motivation and expectations Microsystem Family composition Urban or rural home and host environments Family conditions of migration Occupational status and conditions in home and host environments Educational background Financial resources in home and host environments and financial resources for migration Social support in home and host environments (e.
Concluding that the cost is modest, I then discuss ecological factors that affect the probability of selection for active pollination.
In these cases, spatially varying ecological factors do not set the limit to the frequency of hybrids.

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