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She realized that most parents and teachers wanted their students to learn and be successful, but that oftentimes ecological factors from the past and present made education a secondary priority at best.
Determining playback locations can be difficult, and many ecological factors may affect the suitability of a habitat.
01) affected by ecological factors, especially lime and organic matter contents, altitude, and relative temperature.
Reproductive ecologists investigate reproductive functions and procreative decisions primarily as they are influenced by ecological factors, including nutrition, seasonal variations, and workload.
It is important to note that the GHM$ program carefully examines how specific program interventions can be developed and modified to address multiple ecological factors when appropriate.
The distribution of the Acheulian techno-complex has been interpreted as the result of palaeo-climatic and ecological factors, such as the glaciation and desertification of the Sahara (Clark 1994; Rogers et al.
Although many groups have proposed forest management as an easy way to offset global warming, climatic and ecological factors confound this solution, the researchers say.
The impact of varied ecological factors on identity is considered.
Koenig and her colleagues say a combination of ecological factors enable the lizards to live in suburbia.
The deceitful excuse that they will create informative effects on bird life and other ecological factors is unnecessary.
If one location is the same as the other in economic, urban, social or ecological factors, then I will bring the matter to the people.
Instead he contends that "we must look at file religious traditions of the Nordic region not as isolated, mutually exclusive language-bound entities, but as broad concepts shared across cultural and linguistic lines, conditioned by similar ecological factors and protracted economic and cultural ties" (7).

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