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Most commonly, the gross proceeds of a business transaction less the costs of the transaction; i.e., net proceeds. Excess of revenues over expenses for a transaction; sometimes used synonymously with net income for the period. Gain realized from business or investment over and above expenditures.

Accession of good, valuable results, useful consequences, avail, or gain. The benefit, advantage, or pecuniary gain accruing to the owner or occupant of land from its actual use; as in the familiar phrase rents, issues and profits, or in the expression mesne profits.


noun accruance, accumulation, acquisition, advantage, augmentation, avails, benefaction, benefit, clearance, compensation, dividend, earnings, emolument, financial reward, fructus, fruits, gain, growth, harvest, improvement, incentive, income, increase, interest, meed, output, pay, payment, prize, proceeds, produce, quaestus, realization, remuneration, return, revenue, reward, service, take, utility, value received, windfall, winnings, yield
Associated concepts: accumulated profits, anticipated proffts, capital, carrying on business for profit, distributable profits, excessive profits, excess profits tax, gross profit, loss of profits, margin of profit, net profit, not for profit, peeuniary profits, profit a prendre, profit sharing, prospective profit, remote profits, secret profits, speculative profits, surrlus profits, underwriting profits, undistributed profits
Foreign phrases: Ubi periculum, ibi et lucrum collocatur.He who risks a thing, should receive the profits arising from it.


verb acquire, advance, assist, avail, be better for, be improved by, be of use, benefit, cash in on, clear, confer a benefit on, contribute, draw profit from, edify, gain, gain advantage, harvest, help, improve, learn a lesson from, make capital out of, make good use of, make immrovement, make money by, make use of, obtain a return, produce a good effect, produce a good result, put to use, realize, reap, reap the fruits, turn to account, use, utilize, yield returns
See also: advantage, attain, avail, bear, behalf, benefit, betterment, boom, capitalize, collect, commission, dividend, earn, earnings, edification, fee, gain, inure, output, pay, perquisite, proceeds, prosperity, realization, realize, reap, revenue, succeed, utility, worth, yield
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As Table 5 shows, the coefficient sign for the variable Book*Dt is negative, indicating that, unlike the group linked to economic profit, the participants encouraged having book profit for the period as a basis decreased the allocation of resources to the activities I and II more than the control group.
Large farmers of Khanewal district having more total revenue, gross margin, economic profit and also business profit as compared with small and medium farmers.
3% had a positive relative TSR but a negative five-year cumulative economic profit.
Nevertheless, directors must make the time to understand the major sources and drivers of economic profit at least at the business-unit level to do their much more important job of actually protecting the shareholders from poor strategic investment practices.
The optimal production level would appear to be zero when in actuality, optimal production remains at q = 15 with economic profits unchanged at $250.
In addition, transfer pricing rules confer an unintentional benefit upon integrated producers by allowing the producer to mask economic profit behind bloated accounting costs of production.
Economic Profit = ($240,000 - $140,000) X 12 = $1,200,000
There are many ways to increase wealth leverage: front-load stock and option grants, adopt fixed-share stock and option grant guidelines, adopt fixed-share grant guidelines with larger grants, tie expected bonus levels to cumulative performance by, for example, making the bonus a fixed percentage of economic profit and using a bonus bank to offset positive and negative years.
EVA is an estimate of true economic profit, or the amount by which earnings exceed or fall short of the required minimum rate of return that shareholders and tenders could get by investing in other securities of comparable risk.
Shorter-term metrics such as economic profit should be used in conjunction with indicators of longer-term performance--market share, for example--to avoid decisions that may improve value temporarily but destroy it in the long run.
It is unclear, however, whether the definition is referring to accounting profit or economic profit, (11) which is fundamental in determining the extent to which revenue should actually accrue to the entrepreneur.

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