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However, China has been given free access to the region by Pakistan to allow for the economic exploitation of the mineral- rich region, known for its gold reserves.
The thread connecting Lee's comparative-theology reconstruction is the idea of democracy, he says, and the pressing need for the theological articulation of self-rule in a world filled with political oppression, economic exploitation, and cultural marginalization.
They also asked the government to accelerate efforts to equip the tribal women with vocational skills to utilize their potential and to save them from economic exploitation.
Jennifer Howk of Harvard University tells the story of Kivalina, an bitipiat village in Northern Alaska confronted with the dual specter of economic exploitation and certain destruction by climate change.
Covey said that a 'colonization first' interpretation of early Wari expansion encourages the reconsideration of motivations for expansion, shifting from military conquest and economic exploitation of subject populations to issues such as demographic relief and strategic expansion of trade routes or natural resource access.
Economic exploitation involves "a motive of the exploiter to gain an advantage at the cost of the exploited.
Many of the essays propose that indigenous cultural movements, as opposed to struggles formulated around economic exploitation, will not challenge foundational principles of neoliberal economic policies but do not give examples as to how or why.
In nearly, the same instance, the South China Sea rim-states are again seeking stronger ties with the United States to balance China's insistence that she has sovereignty over the sea's territories and, consequently, their economic exploitation and access.
women who had been victims of domestic servitude told me they had been under the absolute control of their employers through economic exploitation and suffered physical, psychological and sexual abuse.
This attests to the true price to the continent of the current resource competition scramble in Africa, which often costs more in humanitarian terms than simply the economic exploitation that is taking place.
Magna Mining NL (ASX:MAN) has received official confirmation that the tin, copper and gold tailings in Far Eastern Russia have now been released for economic exploitation.
Most of the total of 28 digs, the deepest being 650 meters, determined deposits of copper and gold that are very favorable for economic exploitation considering the metal percentage in the ore and the steady increase in copper and gold prices in the world market of metals.

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