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The Worcester Economic Indicators report is a compilation of employment data, growth estimates, how many building permits have been issued, and how many want ads are being placed.
The Chemical Activity Barometer is a leading economic indicator derived from a composite index of chemical industry activity.
Know exactly when each economic indicator will be released.
In the same month, the leading economic indicator, used to forecast the economic outlook for the next three months, edged up 0.
Global exports finally bounced back in the October to December period-well after several other economic indicators had recovered.
Berson pointed out four key economic indicators that he believes will keep the housing market from faltering: consumer confidence, demographics, affordability and investment purchases.
Mexico's leading economic indicator is calculated monthly by The Conference Board (New York), the source for a January 20, 2006 report distributed by Reuters.
The economic indicator surveys are some of our most frequently used and sought after data products," said Bill Bostic, the Census Bureau's associate director for economic programs.
WASHINGTON, July 31, 2013 / PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- 2013 Economic Indicator Webinar Series - Discover the U.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also releasing an economic indicator, The Employment Situation for November 2012 (Dec.
The new index, comparable to a national leading economic indicator, is the first of its kind in New Hampshire.
Looking ahead, the government forecasts that the coincident economic indicator index is likely to stay above the 50% line in November due partly to a positive outlook of 3.

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