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The Conference board said its index of leading economic indicators increased 0.
A new economic indicator created by Assumption College economics professor Thomas White provides another tool for following the Worcester-area economy.
The economic indicator, shown to lead US business cycles by an average of eight months at cycle peaks, increased 0.
The efforts made by the Arab Monetary Fund with the Yemeni government and its support for the economic reform process resulted in an improvement on various national economic indicators," the Minister said, stressing the government's adherence to continue the economic reforms until realizing the desired goals.
While economic indicators softened in March," UO economist Tim Duy said, "they still point toward continued growth in the Oregon economy.
With so many people poised to react to the same information, economic indicators have tremendous potential to generate volume and to move prices.
Summary: Global demand, the most significant economic indicator, was the first casualty of the economic downturn that had spread out of the US to the world in September 2008.
But he also said that caution over downside risks to the economy is still necessary since many economic indicators have yet to recover to the level before the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
The coincident indicator, an average of eight weighted economic indicators.
Bolivia's economic indicators of the past year depict a country on its way toward economic development.
Berson pointed out four key economic indicators that he believes will keep the housing market from faltering: consumer confidence, demographics, affordability and investment purchases.
This in turn has led to a number of books that describe the various economic indicators and reports that are published regularly, together with comments on their impacts on stock and bond prices as well as the dollar in foreign exchange.

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