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When I initially came to Cyprus in 1970, I was in effect an economic migrant and when I returned to Britain in 1974, I became an economic migrant in reverse with the added 'bonus' of being a refugee.
6billion EU package outlined in marathon talks in Brussels yesterday, in return for which Turkey will agree to take back all economic migrants who have made the crossing to Greece.
This past September, Hungary's prime minister stated that the "overwhelming majority" were not refugees, but economic migrants (T.
They range from young economic migrants to those who have retired to a warmer climate.
The number of economic migrants applying for National Insurance numbers at Wrexham's JobCentre rose from 807 in 2004 to 2,099 last year.
The aim of Croeso is to promote discussion of diversity issues between different community groups, addressing concerns around ethnicity, race, economic migrant or asylum status.
In a memo to the Welsh Affairs Select Committee, the WLGA writes, The lack of accurate figures and profiles of the migrant worker population severely inhibit measures local authorities need to develop to respond to the diverse needs of new economic migrant workers.
However, If I were an economic migrant with nothing to gain apart from being sent back home - I might well think again and not come.
I find it hard to accept that he is a genuine asylum seeker rather than an economic migrant.
Archaeology expert Penelope Rogers said: "It is possible the Viking woman came to this country as a political exile or an economic migrant.
The vast majority of asylum seekers from Africa are in fact economic migrants and are not escaping war or persecution.