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Though one-third of economic migrants have taken English classes, long working hours, accessibility and cost of classes are all contributory factors to many non-indigenous workers having poor English language proficiency.
Caia Park Partnership, to enable both organisations to "pilot targeted services" for economic migrants.
None of us can object to the rational motives that draw thousands of economic migrants here every week.
Economic migrants are trying to transit through Macedonia with counterfeit passports too.
The majority of Syrian refugee families are NOT economic migrants who want to sponge off the UK on welfare benefits.
It, for instance, floats the possibility of providing "comprehensive and developmental packages" for countries that are willing to take back their economic migrants.
As to the economic migrants flooding Europe and the situation in Calais, those who are not genuine asylum seekers should be sent back from whence they came.
Calling for new measures to deter "illegal economic migrants" from trying to enter the EU, she said: "We also need as Europe to get on with the job of the wider measures that need to be taken, of ensuring that we are breaking the link for economic migrants between making this dangerous journey and settling in Europe.
They were economic migrants put in danger by their father.
By lumping asylum-seekers together with economic migrants, the latter are discredited, as though they were trying to squeeze in under false pretenses.
More importantly, the British people, who for decades have shown unparalleled compassion for genuine asylum seekers and people fleeing oppression, will not accept Cameron or any other politician allowing uncontrolled numbers of economic migrants into a system that's already buckling under the strain.
They are economic migrants and they want to enter Britain illegally and the British people and I want to make sure our borders are secure and you can't break into Britain without permission.