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The entrance into a country of foreigners for purposes of permanent residence. The correlative term emigration denotes the act of such persons in leaving their former country.




noun admission of foreigners, change of national location, colonization, entry of aliens, establishment of foreign residence, expatriation, forrign influx, incoming population, ingress, migration, movement of population, transmigration
Associated concepts: issuance of visas
See also: entrance, entry, inflow

IMMIGRATION. The removing into one place from another. It differs from emigration, which is the moving from one place into another. Vide Emigration.

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Economic migration of Romanians: 1990-2006", December 2006.
The Greek Cypriot community in Britain is reckoned to be among the most successful ethnic groups in economic terms," he said, adding that "The Greek rich tend to be successful professionals or members of dynasties from Greece, while the much larger Greek Cypriot community is the product of economic migration.
New questions are proposed with the aim of improving the measurement of migration and particularly the patterns of short-term economic migration.
The social effects of these changes cannot be ignored when planning the most effective use of police resources and law enforcement agencies in Cyprus, like other Western democracies, need to consider the way they police their diverse communities in the face of increasing economic migration, immigration and asylum applicants.
Mr Walesa spoke out in favour of economic migration, saying the mass movement of Polish workers to the UK benefited both Britain and Poland.
Johnstone stressed that the agency had to change how it works to keep pace with technological developments as well as the increasing complexity of refugee issues, with economic migration and displacement due to climate change adding to traditional patterns of refugees forced from their homes by conflict.
Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, head of migration at the Institute for Public Policy Research, said: "Putting caps on economic migration will be counter-productive.
The rise comes just weeks after Scotland's top expert on economic migration warned the country faced going under without new blood.
Mr McNulty stressed the notion of economic migration as a good thing was central to the new system.
Uzak is one of those films that divides the nation - some people will be excited by a slow-paced movie about economic migration in Istanbul, and the rest are normal.
Given that economic migration and the racism that surrounds it are hot subjects, it's not surprising he has attracted interest from the BBC, Birmingham Rep, the Manchester Royal Exchange and London's Royal Court and Royal National Theatre.