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Most commonly, the gross proceeds of a business transaction less the costs of the transaction; i.e., net proceeds. Excess of revenues over expenses for a transaction; sometimes used synonymously with net income for the period. Gain realized from business or investment over and above expenditures.

Accession of good, valuable results, useful consequences, avail, or gain. The benefit, advantage, or pecuniary gain accruing to the owner or occupant of land from its actual use; as in the familiar phrase rents, issues and profits, or in the expression mesne profits.


noun accruance, accumulation, acquisition, advantage, augmentation, avails, benefaction, benefit, clearance, compensation, dividend, earnings, emolument, financial reward, fructus, fruits, gain, growth, harvest, improvement, incentive, income, increase, interest, meed, output, pay, payment, prize, proceeds, produce, quaestus, realization, remuneration, return, revenue, reward, service, take, utility, value received, windfall, winnings, yield
Associated concepts: accumulated profits, anticipated proffts, capital, carrying on business for profit, distributable profits, excessive profits, excess profits tax, gross profit, loss of profits, margin of profit, net profit, not for profit, peeuniary profits, profit a prendre, profit sharing, prospective profit, remote profits, secret profits, speculative profits, surrlus profits, underwriting profits, undistributed profits
Foreign phrases: Ubi periculum, ibi et lucrum collocatur.He who risks a thing, should receive the profits arising from it.


verb acquire, advance, assist, avail, be better for, be improved by, be of use, benefit, cash in on, clear, confer a benefit on, contribute, draw profit from, edify, gain, gain advantage, harvest, help, improve, learn a lesson from, make capital out of, make good use of, make immrovement, make money by, make use of, obtain a return, produce a good effect, produce a good result, put to use, realize, reap, reap the fruits, turn to account, use, utilize, yield returns
See also: advantage, attain, avail, bear, behalf, benefit, betterment, boom, capitalize, collect, commission, dividend, earn, earnings, edification, fee, gain, inure, output, pay, perquisite, proceeds, prosperity, realization, realize, reap, revenue, succeed, utility, worth, yield
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Section V makes the important distinction between economic profit, observable profit and accounting profit.
Occidental was followed closely by Amgen, with an absolute economic profit of $3.
The Top 40 Most Competitive Companies report, which names Aflac -- along with industry leaders such as Google, Budweiser, Coca Cola, and Pepsi -- identifies the best-performing companies through a patented method that blends financial and market data designed to measure a company's ability to achieve higher economic profit than competitors.
An allocation of tax items will have substantial economic effect when it substantially corresponds to the manner in which partners share economic profits and losses.
Due to mid-term uncertainties related to the tariff policy and GenCos' profitability, we believe an economic profit model is a more appropriate valuation instrument:
Companies pinning their turn- around hopes on economic profit plans (EPPs) to improve operating performance are likely to find they would have done just as well with their existing compensation plans.
Specifically, W Ratings measures a company's ability to achieve higher economic profit than rivals and sustain that competitive advantage through moats, or barriers to entry, as rated by consumers.
Consumer & Commercial Clients: net profit growth of 80% and economic profit growth of 131% (resulting in a change in its share of total group economic profits from 41% in 2000 to 37% in 2004) - Wholesale Clients: net profit growth of 139% and economic profit growth of 369% (resulting in 20% of total group economic profits in 2000 and 37% in 2004) - Private Clients & Asset Management: net profit growth of 139% and economic profit growth of 146% (resulting in 25% of total group economic profits in 2000 and 23% in 2004).
4% of the participating manufacturers are actually creating positive economic profits.
Companies that measured and compensated based on key shareholder value metrics - such as total shareholder return and economic profits - achieved total shareholder returns of as much as 48 percent, compared to 22.
Generally, earnings and profits (E&P) represents a corporation's economic profits.

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