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Globalization has made inequality and the creation of economic refugees profitable.
But a wall will not keep out motivated economic refugees or invaders.
As economic refugees who fled the chaos of Hurricane Mitch, many of these youngsters went to the U.
First there is a language problem, then they are considered economic refugees, and ultimately another officer enters with a cushion.
Aid to the refugees has been held up by debate on how to separate the economic refugees from the political ones.
It also means an increase in per capita income and fewer economic refugees heading for el norte.
Recommendation 10: Greater DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION AND MEASURES TO REDUCE POVERTY, INCLUDING DEBT RELIEF, are necessary to avert huge streams of future economic refugees (as proposed by Jan Tinbergen).
A solution for the tremendous problem of millions of political and economic refugees who try to seek shelter in Europe?
The EU also faces an IT skills shortage and an immigration tsunami from the East of low-skilled economic refugees.
He said: "It is quite clear that these asylum seekers are not genuine refugees - they are economic refugees who are seeking a better life.
We are now witnessing these massive flows of economic refugees from
retreat into "fortresslike nationalism" can only be a temporary one; that imported diseases, environmental degradation and tidal waves of economic refugees will force us "to realize that we inhabit one increasingly small and crowded earth.

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