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Capitalism is a force of incessant "creative destruction," economist Joseph Schumpeter wrote in 1942, capable of provoking rapid and violent change in economic sectors and by extension among the lives of us mere mortals who inhabit them.
However, it pointed out the need to exercise freedom of expression without damaging trade and economic sectors.
The protest was joined by representatives from different economic sectors in Lebanon including head of the national union Castro Abdallah, who gave a speech criticizing Lebanese authorities for not taking proper action against the constant increase in prices.
Looking ahead, a key to the success of small developing economies in their integration into the international economy is the ability to build competitive industries and economic sectors, according to Lourdes Smith, executive director, Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (Beltraide).
The delegation viewed ideas and suggestions that would develop the investment environment and encourage the economic sectors, stressing the importance of simplifying the procedures and addressing the administrative obstacles.
Dairy criticized the representatives of the economic sector who quickly announced their rejection of the salary increases and warned that the decision will lead to "dangerous crises.
Ultimately, it is his belief that the forest industry will continue to be the single, most important economic sector in the region's economy.
The decline in imports was most notable in key economic sectors including manufacturing, construction, and transportation.
The focus was on specific economic sectors, such as information technology, transportation and construction.
Today, there is a growing consensus that coastal management needs a more integrated approach across economic sectors, across inland watersheds and marine resources, and across regulatory agencies and institutions.
As such, his complex portrayal of the European economy after 1350 -- one in which economic sectors in some areas flourished while other sectors in other regions declined -- is presciently consistent with the rich and complicated image that historians accept today.
Several economic sectors can contribute to economic growth provided that joint efforts are made, Essid added.