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In the final step of our analysis, we regress two child outcome variables on the maternal characteristic variables and the five economic strategy variables identified earlier in the paper.
Korea's New Economic Strategy in the Globalization Era O.
BUILDING a more competitive Northern Ireland is the key focus of a new economic strategy.
Scottish Trades Union Congress general secretary Grahame Smith added: "The Coalition's economic strategy has lost any vestiges of credibility.
These policies should always be under constant update to mesh with the country's overall economic strategy, Al-Khalidi pointed out in his address to the assembly.
The success of recent conventional and Islamic bond offerings underlines the international financial community's confidence in Bahrain's economic strategy.
Over the years, experience has shown that for a country to move fast in its development plans, it needs to adopt a broader-based economic strategy, that is medium and long-term in nature," Ezekwesili told a press conference in Juba.
He urged the government to evolve an economic strategy with the consultation of stakeholders so that economic activities could be expedited.
The economic strategy ought to lay a unified approach of the map to achieve the Middle East "Economic Quartet".
Despite the talk of new localism, the RGF has been deployed without any recourse to the LEPs or the current regional economic strategy.
That is why we have asked Assembly candidates in Carmarthen and Llanelli to publicly support an alternative economic strategy and stand alongside us in defending public services.
The Report said that the implementation of the Economic Vision 2030 had started in the following year of its launch, by putting together the National Economic Strategy 2009-2014 on which the EDB and the Ministries collectively worked hard - resulting in starting the implementation of more than two-thirds of the initiatives and projects included in the Strategy.