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As Table 1 indicates, mechanisms of economization and marketization can be distinguished along two central aspects: First, do users or patients have a choice with regard to healthcare services and medical treatments?
Like the economization of security and the disaggregation of the state, this cultural turn suggests a model of international affairs more amenable to expertise, a matter of texts and images rather than either guns or butter.
Johnson has been largely ignored by historians of the early Cold War and America's military elite, but McFarland and Roll contend that Presidents Roosevelt and Truman used Johnson as an "instrument of confrontation" and a "battering-ram" to promote unpopular policies such as military preparedness in the second half of the 1930s and defense unification and economization in the late 1940s.
Economization Versus Power Ambitions: Rethinking Russia's Policy Towards Post-Soviet States
This has caused the Aqua Group to plan the use of new packaging as part of its economization attempt.
This conclusion applies even if measures of economization are taken to avoid exceeding the expenditure ceiling.
10) Estimates in Lucas (1994) imply that the economization of money balances that occurred at a rate of inflation of 5 percent per year (associated with a short-term nominal interest rate of about 6 percent) wasted about 1 percent of U.
The third factor necessitating attention in postmodern culture is the phenomenon of consumerist culture, which is marked for clear individualism, economization of all walks of life, unlimited inflation consumerism, protection of pseudo values, based on the signs represented which become indicators for the organizations of public or private sector, as well as indicators of human usefulness and significance of existence (Bauman 2007: 286, Baudrillard 1998).
The CEC has approved the Liebert DSE system with Liebert EconoPhase as a prescriptive economization option, as part of Title 24 of the the CEC s 2103 Building Energy Efficiency Standards For Residential and Non Residential Buildings, meeting the code s requirements for energy efficiency and its prescriptive requirements for economizers.
Here he points to the "contingent relationships" (71) among such processes as economization, bureaucratization, and democratization, the outcomes of which are both unpredictable and different from one localized context to the next.
Gong argues that the popularity of Yu's cultural prose reflects both the aestheticization of the economy and the economization of aesthetics (40); for "the commercial success of" the writing "rests largely on socialist heritages" (43).
Moving from the industrial era to the knowledge-based era, building high-quality and low-cost equipment and pursuing network-based management instead of hierarchical management play an important role in the economization of defense, and preventing corruption seems necessary to materialize the aforementioned goals," he added.