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Ecospace decided to create a budget studio to open up their services to a wider range of clients.
With prices starting from around pounds 10k for the new WorkPod model, consumers can now choose from three different price options across the Ecospace range of architect-designed garden studios: around pounds 10-pounds 15k; under pounds 20-pounds 30k for a 'standard' studio, or above pounds 30k and beyond for a spacious, self-contained solution.
Expert contributors review current climate change policies around the world in respect to children's rights, ecospace, international markets and politics and resource conflicts.
from left) Ecospace project members Michaela Greenhalgh, Aiman Aljafara and Maryam Hanif.
See generally Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Final Report, OECD Workshop on Sustainable Consumption and Production A16-A18 (1995) (discussing the concept of Ecospace and its usefulness in the sustainable consumption arena).
If an economy is to be sustainable, its metabolism must be within the ecospace, which may limit its scale.