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Canny edge detector or Sobel edge detector was used for eye edge detection.
Since the edge detection methods of Sobel, Prewitt, Laplacian of Gaussian and Zero-cross usually generate "double age", which is harmful to text localization.
The four processing steps of the proposed system are space color conversion, image filtering, edge detection and Hough Transform as shown in Figure.
An edge detection algorithm automatically starts weight processing when a load settles onto the scale, eliminating the need for switches, photo-eyes and vision systems.
Edge detection is an important work for object recognition, image retrieval, and registration of the image.
In this paper, an edge detection algorithm and selection process are used together to locate the edge points of all tool-mark features and filter out those not corresponding to striation marks.
Free-flow Edge Detection Technology Enables Automated KVM Switching
Over the past decade, researchers have gone from wiring genetic toggle switches and oscillators in living cells to building living circuits capable of pattern generation, noise shaping, edge detection and event counting.
To be able to perform measurements as easily and accurately as possible, LFSB developed a custom adaptive edge detection algorithm that can process images with varying degrees of illumination and noise.
The efficient edge detection operator is evaluated subjectively by visually comparing the output images obtained with certain characteristics [5].
Scantech's measurement systems measure thickness, weight, material composition, web width, surface roughness, and moisture, as well as provide defect and edge detection.