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Defenders of law reviews also contend students are capable of editing articles for the following reasons: editing is expensive; when editors of peer review journals accept an article, they do little to improve its writing quality, do little proofreading of the article, and do no cite checking.
Jay Walsh, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation, which manages the encyclopaedia, said the removal of the page appeared to have stopped thousands of UK users from editing articles on Wikipedia, which allows readers to self-edit its pages.
Both Jim Conley and I are also taking an active role in editing articles, review essays and book reviews.
As I was rushing through selling ads and editing articles, hiring staff and administrative planning for this issue, I suddenly felt like I was spinning my wheels.
So, topics there assume their natural size--natural, that is, to the set of folks comfortable with creating and editing articles online.
It is the normal practice of Law & Contemporary Problems to take a three-step approach when editing Articles that will be published in any given issue of the journal.
Her new duties include editing articles for the Journal and handling On the Move and News & Notes columns for the News, as well as writing news articles.
Through most of that time the work of soliciting and editing articles was divided up among collective members according to section.